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Elevate your life: Join the Breakthrough Blueprint group coaching program

Overcome anxiety, transform your mindset, and create lasting change.

Break free from limiting patterns

Want to master your inner dialogue?

The Breakthrough Blueprint group coaching program is an intensive transformational journey designed to empower individuals to overcome challenges and achieve lasting change, spanning over 8 weeks.
This course is for you if any of the following things resonate with you:
Are you struggling with anxiety and overthinking?
Are you struggling with indecision?
Are you struggling with confidence and self doubt?
Are you struggling with negative internal dialogue?

Are you struggling with sticking to habits and creating lasting change?

Are you struggling with self doubt and not feeling enough?
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Is this program for you?

Are you ready for change?

Ready to break free from self-sabotage, anxiety, and limiting beliefs? Are you:
Tired of making excuses and self sabotaging
Tired of feeling held back by anxiety and overthinking
Seeking practical tools and strategies to overcome challenges, traumas and limiting beliefs.
Open to exploring new perspectives and willing to challenge old patterns of thinking
Willing to connect with like minded people.
Seeking practical tools and strategies to create long lasting, sustainable change
Negative self-talk holds you back from pursuing your ambitions and living authentically.
You struggle with a lack of self-belief and frequently tell yourself, "I can't..."
You struggle with feelings of not being good enough and it impacts your self-esteem and confidence
But you have to be ready for change. This will not work for you if:
You are not willing to commit to the process of personal growth and change
You are closed minded
You are not committed to making positive changes in your life
So, are you ready?

High impact value

Get incredible value with the blueprint

The program Features:
8x 90-minute weekly cohort coaching calls
1x 60-minute 1:1  NLP & Brain retraining session
Group community and support
Weekly actions and growth tasks
Private Facebook Group
Strength-based training
Communication training
NLP language discovery
Brain retraining
Nervous system regulation
Fundamentals of the mind
Unconscious self-discovery
1:1 Access as required
Lifelong tools and strategies to manage pressure, anxiety, stress, overthinking & life's challenges
Access to all mindset resources, tools, workbooks, meditations, and strategies
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Powerful testimonials

Hundreds of lives changed

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Sarah - Your coach

Your coach

Let us change your life together

In my role as a certified coach, NLP Master Practitioner, speaker, and author, I am dedicated to guiding clients through the process of retraining the mind and breaking through the barriers that hinder personal growth. My own journey has been shaped by profound loss and profound growth. The sudden loss of my father at the age of 20 and later, my mother's passing from a brain aneurysm, plunged me into a period of deep grief and anxiety. Yet, from these experiences emerged a profound transformation that ignited my passion for helping others navigate similar challenges. Today, drawing upon both my education and personal journey, I am committed to supporting individuals on their path to profound change and empowerment.
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The Blueprint is an 8 week intensive program to help you with personal development and breakthrough the things holding you back in life.
A cohort starts every month. Reach out to Sarah o confirm the start dates and times.
We are here to answer them! Email us at sarah@springwithsarah.com or reach out on our Instagram @springwithsarah.
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